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Randa Saab Orchids in bloom,2023 acrylic on canvas 120x100cm.jpg

Welcome to Randa Saab Art

Welcome to my website.

I am a British Lebanese artist living in Rochester, Kent, UK.

Although I have always enjoyed painting, however, I only  started painting full time following my graduation with a BA in Fine Arts in 2020. 

I believe in practicing art for the sake of art, and I enjoy experimenting with forms, colours, mediums and ideas. For me, Art is an experiment, a tool of self exploration, and a source of joy.


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2022 sunflowers on my table, oil pastel 40x30cm crop.jpg

Art interests


Genre: Still life, Landscape, Figurative art and Portrait.

Medium:  Acrylic, oil, water colour, pastel and mixed media.

Style: Impressionist, sometimes symbolist, and expressionist, also Classical Realism, Cubism, Pop art and Abstract.

Landscape paintings include Rochester castle and Cathedral, Medway Riverside, Scotney Castle, Durham, Nairn, amongst others.


Portrait sculpture includes Einstein, Charles Dickens, and the Madonna.

I sculpt in clay and plaster. Bronze upon demand

Icon painting

Madonna and child, St. Thomas

Textile art

Mostly done on a small loom. Designs can be abstract or landscape.

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Solo Exhibitions in the UK

  • May 2023, solo display of paintings and textile, Cultural diversity day at Lower Thames Crossing, Essex

  • September 2022, solo painting and textile exhibition “Two Years in Confinement”, the Halpern gallery, Nucleus Arts, Chatham

Group Exhibitions in the UK

  • May 2024, participation in the Rochester Art Fair at the Rochester Corn Exchange, Kent. Sculpture, textile, and painting.

  • April 2024, participation in Bloom exhibition, the Halpern gallery, Kent. Painting.

  • Feb/March 2024, participated in the exhibition at Rochester Cathedral, Kent. “Come Eat with me”, with my icon of St. Thomas.

  • January 2024, participated in “Unspoken”, with my sculpture “Mother of thousands of Children” at the Halpern gallery, Kent.

  • December 2023, Halpern gallery, Kent. Winter Exhibition.

  • August 2023, Halpern gallery, Kent. Summer Exhibition

Future Exhibitions in the UK

  • July 2024, The Medway Open Studios, sculpture, textile, painting, print and icons

  • October 2024, Rochester Art Fair, Corn Exchange, Rochester, Kent

Group Exhibitions in Lebanon

  • February 2023, Lebanon UNESCO Palace, Beirut, with The Lebanese Artists Association for Painters - Sculptors (LAAPS). Painting

  • December 2022, Lebanon UNESCO Palace, Beirut, with Palette art Group. Painting

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